What to Pack for Morocco

What to Pack for your Trip to Morocco | Luxuriously Thrifty

Morocco is an exotic, gorgeous country that seems to be high on everyone’s bucket list, while still feeling unattainable. I was lucky enough to spend my honeymoon in Morocco and got to experience some amazing things. I also got to experience an intense amount of stress while navigating our way through this country. While my biggest stressor when packing was what to wear, I was glad that I packed a few things that I normally wouldn’t on any other trip.

There are definitely a few things you’ll need to pack to ensure a pleasant experience in Morocco.

An Extra Towel
Travel towels are genius; you can pack them easily, they absorb whatever they need to, and they come in handy when you end up in a place that only gives you 2 towels – total – for your entire stay. It may take a little bit of room up in your suitcase, but you’ll be thanking me later.

Toilet Paper
Maybe you’ll end up taking a bus to get to where you’re going. Maybe you stop at a little convenience corner/eatery/bbq place to relieve yourself. I can almost 100% guarantee you that you will end up paying for a bathroom to pee over a hole. There will be no bidet, there might be a bucket with a spigot for you to *ahem* clean yourself. There will probably be no soap, either, or some hard soap, which I’m all for in bathrooms except when it comes to sharing with the public.

Bring the toilet paper. It’s the one thing that will make an interesting experience interesting instead of stressful. Plus, it comes in handy when your hotel or riad doesn’t automatically stock your bathroom with toilet paper like back home.

What to Pack for your Trip to Morocco | Luxuriously Thrifty

Wet Ones
I’ve never been a fan of hand sanitizer as it leaves my hands chapped and greasy feeling. But, wet ones? Yes, please. These will come in handy so many times when you’re out and about exploring Morocco. It’ll come in handy for bathrooms that don’t have soap, for when you touch something gross, for when you’ve been sitting on a hot, smelly bus for hours and just need a rinse, for when you’ve just spent the day on a camel and in the dunes. Worried about animal welfare in Morroco? Check out this handy guide.
Take them. Pack them in your purse, in your carry-on, in your checked luggage.

It gets hot. Pack it. Save yourself from the blistering sun.

Vichy Spray
This shit is always on my list of things to pack, no matter where you go. It’ll perk you up on a hot summer’s day, it’ll refresh you on the plane, it’ll bring you back to life after sweating on a greasy bus. Pack it. Love it. Use it.

Life Straw
You can’t drink the water in Morocco. Buying bottled water is a pain and horrible for the planet. Buy yourself a life straw and fill up at the tap, never having to worry about purchasing a bottle of water, again.

Fun fact: if you go to a restaurant, you’ll most likely get about 3 beverages with just one. Always some water, always some orange juice, the beverage you ordered, and then some mint tea. It’s hot in Africa (who knew?!), so fill up in the restaurants and use your life straw elsewhere.

If you’re a super eco-warrior, then you would refuse the bottled water and fill your life straw in the bathroom, but honestly, sometimes I don’t even want to pee in the bathroom in some establishments and I just can’t wrap my head around drinking the water from there. Even though it’s filtered with your fancy bottle. I just…I can’t, guys.

Ear Plugs
The call to prayer is a comforting sound to hear while you’re walking around a village. It does not give off the same feeling when it wakes you up at sunrise. Besides the call to prayer that is blasted throughout the towns and cities, you’ll hear dogs barking, roosting cock-a-doodle-dooing, people yelling, vehicles driving, cats fighting, and who-knows-what-else. Bring the ear plugs and get your sleep.

Packing tips for your trip to Morocco | Luxuriously Thrifty

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