Things I’m Absolutely Loving in February

A List of Cool Things

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February. The month of done-with-winter and love. It’s also the month I eat all of the garlic to keep colds at bay. It’s also the month that I still compost outside, freezing my ass off to the compost pile and pining for the days of sunshine and warmth and straining my back while I weed the garden and plant to my heart’s content.

Save the World

close up of tree against sky
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Plant a tree for your valentine instead of the same ol’ flowers and chocolates deal. You’ll feel good, they’ll feel good, the Earth will feel good. Pick out your spot here!


white and pink flower field
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My garden plans this year are out of control. With the regular plantings, I added on a few extras, like the plan to turn my orchard into a wildflower haven. Why? Because we don’t have to mow grass over there, it’ll look gorgeous, and will help the ecosystem.
Save the bees, save the butterflies, save everything!


I know Spring isn’t here yet, but are these not the cutest?! I couldn’t pick just one; soft pinks and florals around this time of year get me every time. These bad boys are on my wish list for spring fashion.


furiously happy

One of the best books I’ve read recently. An honest depiction of living with anxiety and depression, but you don’t need either anxiety or depression to laugh your ass off at Jenny Lawson’s tales.

Things I'm Loving in February. A list of cool things I'm loving | Luxuriously Thrifty

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