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How to have a more sustainable period | Luxuriously Thrifty

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We, as women, make a ton of trash. Our periods are to blame for a lot of waste that we accumulate, but it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of options out there that are more sustainable! Although I rarely use disposable pads or tampons, I need a few pads on hand for any medical reasons (like when you need to actually see how much bleeding there is) and to get me through those how-am-I-not-dead-days. I’ve all but switched to a sustainable way of getting through my period and it’s, honestly, changed my life. I’m not even saying that lightly. It’s amazing not to have to worry about ruining your underwear or running out of pads or tampons. While my main go-to are period panties, there are two other superb options out there!

How to make your period just a little bit more sustainable AND comfortable | Luxuriously Thrifty
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Period Panties
These bad boys are probably the best invention in the entire world. At least, in the world of periods. They’re amazing! Comfortable and easy-to-use, they’re great for traveling (sitting on a plane for hours and worried about leakage? Not today, Uterus!) and I’ve pretty much gotten rid of any waste during my period JUST by using these sweet undies.
Two leading companies: Thinx or Flux. I’ve only used Thinx, but have heard great things about Flux and am excited (weirdly so) to try them! They even have side clasps so you can change in and out of them when needed without so much hassle. A bit much like diapers, but I mean, right now we use smaller disposable diapers (pads y’all) without that awkward feeling.

how to have a more comfortable and eco-friendly period | Luxuriously Thrifty
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Menstrual Cup
I love how much this thing has taken off with so many women! For me, it was a hot summer day at a then-friend’s wedding that led to a horrible experience of me not being able to remove the damn thing. It started with me near-crying from stress in a porta potty and ended up with me lying on the bathroom floor of the bride’s house, trying to get the stupid thing out. That took up OVER A FUCKING HOUR, guys.

Yeah, probably not the best time to try something new, but I was drawn to it because of how long you can keep it in. A farm fresh wedding seemed like the perfect time to use one! They weren’t as popular so these horror stories of women having trouble the first couple times weren’t available, and weren’t around to calm me down.

Luckily, for most people, they work wickedly well and they are absolutely everywhere in the stores, online and even my Instagram feed!

Re-Usable Pads
Make your own, buy from your favourite eco-friendly store, artisan Etsy-made, you can find these money savers everywhere. For those who aren’t yet ready for the other options out there, these are the closest to regular period products than the others.

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