How to IKEA Hack your Plain KULLEN Dresser

how to IKEA hack a plain dresser

How to IKEA Hack your Plain Dresser

Buy dresser.
Buy hardware.
Get real busy for weeks and not finish the project.
Lose said hardware.
Spend far too long looking for the hardware.
Found it!
Tell your husband what you want done.
Make coffee and watch your husband put the hardware on your dresser.
Admire your handiwork.

The REAL way to IKEA hack your plain ol’ dresser:

Buy the dresser you want
I’m working with Kullen because the dark colour works well with my colour scheme in my closet/library and it was the right size. Not a fan of the basic black, white, or teak dressers IKEA has to offer? Purchase their plain pine one and customize even more! Play around with colours or try a new design.

Buy the hardware
I got my gold hardware at Rona and ended up finding beautiful glass knobs at Marshall’s. I spent around $50 for all of my hardware; you can spend way less by finding thrift-store items, clearance ones, or using cheaper pieces. Or, you can spend WAAAAAAY more and buy yours from Anthropologie (my first idea before I found the ones I liked for a much cheaper price!). Unless you’re buying $100/piece hardware, your dresser is still going to be cheaper than if you bought that one at a designer store.

Measure out where you want the knobs. I chose to have two for the top two drawers and one for the bottoms. Center the pulls and mark where to drill. We my husband used a piece of cardboard to mark where to drill to make it easier.

Drill your hole, taking care to line up the piece of cardboard, or hitting that mark just perfectly so your knobs will look good and not crooked.

Add your Hardware and Admire your Work!

This guy was absolutely no help…




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