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Goal Planning 101

In my last blog post I complained about how New Year’s Resolutions are stupid, but the idea behind resolutions is not. It’s all about goals. And, goals are awesome. The problem with resolutions are that they are just lists of things you’re wishing for. Without any planning, they stay that way: a list. But! This post isn’t about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s about Goals. And, how to hustle your way into #girlboss kingdom. Yeah, I hate myself for using almost every word in that sentence. Sorry.

Just Write Shit Down
Legit. Just start writing. If you don’t know what your goals should be, or what you should focus on first (pro tip: you don’t have to reach for only one star), write it down. Just start writing about things and seeing where you’re going.

Lay your Goals Out
So, you probably have a few things in mind. That’s great! Give yourself a pat on your back because YOU’VE JUST MADE IT TO THE FINISH LINE ON YOUR FIRST GOAL. Yes, figuring out your goals IS a goal. It’s that simple, y’all.
Write out what your specific goals are. This is different from above where you’re basically doodling yourself into a better you, a better year (I’ll stop with the cliche January quotes soon, I promise). It’s where you get specific with you want.

Break Them Down
And then, we get even more specific. Break down your goals and write out what each one will mean. I know, I’m getting you to write down way too much. You just want to write down the goal and get to it, right?! Fair. You’re itching for some change and for some new found glory in your life. I get it. Except, goals take time and tons of nurturing.
Here’s an example:
One of my goals, something that’s been a goal of mine for years, is to live without migraines (or at least lessen them). I could easily just write down ‘no more fucking migraines’ and move on with my life. But, that’s not really going to help me achieve that status. Instead, this is what I write down:

No More Fucking Migraines
– research new ideas on helping lessen migraines
– more yoga (3x week, minimum)
– meditate every night before bed
– neck stretches 3x a day
-eat better (there is an entire sub-list for this because finding a food sensitivity is hard work and requires much trial and error and because no way am I doing an Elimination Diet)
– stress less (again. An entire sub-list dedicated for this).

While the No More Fucking Migraines is the ultimate goal, it’s broken up into smaller, more achievable goals I’m hoping to hit. There are things in there that are easy to start with (like research) and things that will take lots of time and practice (like the stress-less thing). Hitting a big goal can be stressful. Breaking it up into goals that you can start and add to will help you achieve your big goal. Thinking of losing weight? Break it down. What will help you achieve this? Eating better? Exercising more? Cutting out junk food or only buying whole foods? Break. It. Down.

Write it Somewhere Real
That means no apps on your phone. There are lots of apps that will help you track your goals, but physically writing something down makes it seem all the more real. There are studies, I swear. Get yourself a boss-ass planner and giver.

Nurture your Little Beautiful Bundle of Goals
I wrote down a lot of stuff to get rid of my migraines (plus some other stuff I thought y’all would find too boring to read). Looking at it once and then going on my merry little way won’t do anything for me. I need to check in on my goals and see where I’m at. Maybe I’ve decided to get rid of alcohol, but realized later that it’s really only wine that gives me problems. You think I’m just going to sit here ignoring my bar cart and not knock back a scotch or two?

Update as Necessary
See: scotch.

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