The Best Subscription Boxes for Easy Last Minute Gifts

Gift guide for those who left their shopping until the last minute | Luxuriously Thrifty

Left your shopping until the last minute? No worries! Give them a gift that keeps on giving…at least until the subscription renewal comes up. Here are my favourite subscription boxes and services:

The Happy Newspaper
Tired of reading news that gets you down and causes you to worry about the state of the world? Same here. Take a break from the stressful headlines with a Happy Newspaper subscription!

Make someone’s Christmas here.

One of my favourite subscription/not really a subscription service. Every month, you’ll get a boutique of clothes picked for your style and taste; you can choose to buy items from this boutique (or the whole store) or you can opt out of the month. Just make sure you do it by the 5th! If not, you’ll be charged the monthly fee. But, don’t worry, if you forget, it just goes into store credit!

Make someone’s Christmas here.

The sister company to JustFab, this subscription/not really a subscription service is all about work-out gear. Super cute and comfy yoga wear that transitions from a yin yoga class to high-intensity cardio to shopping at The Walmart. I used to buy more expensive leggings (and have even after using Fabletics when they’re on a great sale!), but I keep finding that the style and fit of Fabletics leggings are waaaaay better. Plus, way cheaper.

Make someone’s Christmas here.

Who Gives a Crap
Okay, so this one may be a little out there for some of you gift-givers, but if I received a butt tonne (pun intended) amount of toilet paper for Christmas, and kept getting said toilet paper delivered right to my door, I’d be excited. Recycled toilet paper that gives back (50% of profits are donated to help build toilets for those in need), this stuff is cute, sassy, and doesn’t fall apart in your hands…like most recycled toilet papers. I’m weirdly excited about this whole company. Plus, if you’re real fancy, you can get the bamboo toilet paper, which is apparently softer and comes in glam black, gold and white wrappers. Yeah, toilet paper can be glam.
Update: Although it’s said that it’s septic safe, it doesn’t break down for us and our tank. But, it may also be that ours is old. Not taking the risk!

Make someone’s Christmas here.

Panty by Post
Yep. You can get panties sent to your door, monthly. This was a subscription service I was on for a bit, but when I needed to budget down it got cut off the list, sadly. All of the ones I received were super cute and would be an even cuter gift for that someone on your list!

Make someone’s Christmas here.

Meditating is becoming popular fast and for good reason. Just by meditating for 3-10 minutes a day, I feel way better, less stressed and ready to tackle whatever’s in front of me. Try a subscription to those who need a little relax in their life (and wouldn’t buy it for themselves) or those who love this kind of thing, but can’t afford to pay for the app.

Make someone’s Christmas here.

*I removed FabFitFun from the subscription box list as I have stopped ordering these boxes. Why? Because a lot of their products contain palm oil, and I don’t want to support anyone who is okay with ignoring the problems with palm oil.

Easy gift guide for those who left their shopping until the last minute | Luxuriously Thrifty

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