How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Tips for an eco-friendly Christmas | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Going eco-friendly is a no-brainer nowadays, but it’s hard to substitute most things in life for more environmentally-friendly options. Although, once you start, you can’t stop! It gets addicting to replace bad-for-the-planet items in your home with re-useable and eco-friendly ones. Holidays are often forgot about in the spirit of eco-friendly lifestyle simply because of the tradition it holds in people’s hearts. I know that I will never stop buying a real Christmas tree and there are probably tons of things that you’re not willing to sacrifice for the holiday season. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice a holly jolly Christmas for an environmentally-friendly one.

While normal, everyday re-useable plates are always best, most people don’t own a set of 25 (or more!) plates. Maybe you’ve broke a few and haven’t had time to replace them, maybe you never have the need for enough plate settings for an entire hall of people. Maybe you just don’t want to jam your dishwasher full of plates or scrub them clean after you’ve slaved away in the kitchen. Totally fair. But, regular disposable plates, even if biodegradeable, aren’t the best for the environment.
Compostable plates made of fallen palm leaves? Already bought and ready for the holidays!

Go Antiquing
For decorations! You can find amazing ones at thrift stores and antique shops. They come with a story AND look more beautiful than 90% of the new decorations out there.

Au Naturel

Yes, I’m probably the last person on Earth who loves tinsel, but I also love anything that brings me closer to nature. And, that means I have pine, in both tree and cone, everywhere in my house. Garlands snipped from trees in your yard or bought at a greenhouse, berries, beeswax or soy candles look amazing in any home.

Buy Local
We bought our turkeys from our family member’s farm. Most vegetables are from our garden and have been stored or frozen for later use. While you can’t buy lettuce local in Winnipeg during December (unless you’ve your own indoor or heated greenhouse), there are tons of other vegetables (see: root) that go very well with Christmas dinners. If you can’t get all local ingredients, no need to get down on yourself and have a break-down. Starting small is the best place to start.

Ditch the Store-Bought
If I’m making a dinner, there is a 99.9% chance I didn’t buy a pre-made anything. 1. it’s wrapped in plastic and other crap I don’t need. 2. It’s most likely super easy to make at home. 3. It tastes better when I make it! Guys, Pinterest exists for a reason. Get on it and make something.

Bring the Family Together
Get cozy and gather at one house, combining families and friends and cut down on the heavy driving. Plus, it’s fun to watch two families combine and bicker, right?

Wrap it Better
Giving a scarf with other goodies? Wrap it in the scarf! Stop buying wrapping paper and get more creative. Buy re-useable Christmas bags or boxes…I really don’t know why these went out of style. My Baba used to always give us gifts in these fun re-useable bags!

Trim Down the Gift List
Gift-giving can be exhausting on your body and your bank account. Cut it down and spend an evening with your loved ones instead of buying more things. I only give to my family and one friend during the holidays. The rest? We all either buy something tiny or hand-made (like socks! Everyone always needs more socks) and go out to celebrate each other. Honestly, it’s way better spending a night out having fun than opening a gift.

Tips for an eco-friendly Christmas | Luxuriously Thrifty

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