How I Relax and Detox Before Bed

I have a semi-strict rule: at 9:00 I stop watching Netflix, scrolling through Instagram and I ignore text messages. My friends know that if you text me after 9:30, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll already be asleep. Of course, like any normal person, I slip up from time to time and end up cuddling my phone while I fall asleep to the gentle dirty jokes of Barney Stinson. This routine of mine may make you yawn and wonder about my age, but it helps me de-stress and sleep much better – something we all need.
First thing’s first: comfy PJ’s. I get into my actual PJ’s an hour before bed. Why? Because it sets the tone for my mind to start relaxing and that this isn’t just sweat pants and a t-shirt (standard dress while at home), hanging on the couch. It’s time for sleep.
Unless I’m winding down with some sort of healthy snack, the second order of business is to start my night-time beauty routine: make-up removal/cleansing of the face, eye cream, face cream, neck cream (which is all the same – my dandelion salve), brush those gleaming pearls, and if it hasn’t already happened, glasses on. Everyone knows one of my favourite things to do is to take out my contacts and pop on my glasses – they also know that I’m pretty much ready for bed at that moment. Give your eyes a rest well before your snooze!
Stay hydrated. I only usually drink water during the day, save for my morning coffee, so getting my hydration on is a lot easier for me than others. But, a hot chocolate or tea (sans caffeine) can do wonders to wind you down and get you that high-quality H2O.

My phone is plugged in, my alarm clock on. My face is scrubbed clean and serum’d up. I’ve everything I need to settle in for the night: water, book, nightly vitamins, a snuggly cat.
Brace yourselves, tech gals (and guys): I read. I read an actual book for 30 minutes to an hour every night. Not on a tablet, an actual book. Remember that we’re turning off our phones for a reason here.
I have about 6,000 (roughly) notebooks and pens beside my bed just in case I get some sort of idea or need to remember something to do the next day. This makes sure that I don’t reach for my phone to add something in my calendar or a note or e-mail to a friend or colleague. Write it down. Worry about it tomorrow.
Now, it’s nearly time to actually snuggle deeper into the covers and head off to sleepy-land. But, before I hit my head to snooze, I do some light stretching and meditation. Light neck stretches and 5 minutes of meditation before bed will make anyone feel calm and cozy. For me, it turned into a habit to prevent migraines. It may not rid me of all, but it makes my neck feel less tight and winds me down for an actual good night’s rest instead of tossing and turning. A spritz of Thisworks Pillow Spray or a quick rub of Sweet Spirit Apothecary Boreal Dreams onto my chest and temples lulls me right into sweet slumber.

Another tool I’ve started using for a good night’s rest? Plants! They can calm you and put you in the right frame of mind before heading off to snooze-town.

Migraineurs: these two essential oil packed fragrances help me sleep, but as we all know, scent – even calming ones – can cause a migraine. Tread carefully! P.S. I’m not a doctor. This is just what helps me.

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