Can we Stop Calling all Good Food ‘Crack’?

Photo cred: Calum Lewis through Unsplash

I have a pet peeve I need to share and get off my chest. I have a lot of pet peeves. I’m basically a grumpy old man in a Karl Lagerfeld sweater.

Here’s one of my latest, something nearly every woman on Pinterest is guilty of doing: calling a recipe ‘crack’.

We get it. It’s good. It’s delicious. But, let’s throw this term away. It was maybe cute the first time, but after scrolling through countless ‘Crack dips’ on Pinterest (and now horrifyingly on Bloglovin’), I’m over it.

Somewhere along the way, people believed that calling someone delicious is like crack. In that it is so addicting, you’ll need more of it right away! Forget anyone who would find this offensive, let’s just focus on how stupid it is to call something you’re feeding your family crack.

If you’re ready to post up a recipe and automatically start typing out the word ‘crack’, give your brain more credit and think of a new adjective. It’s fun, I swear! Plus, you can visit one of my favourite websites:

One thought on “Can we Stop Calling all Good Food ‘Crack’?

  1. I guess I don’t see how it’s offensive. Maybe to crack addicts but who cares. That said, I did a Google search to see if this banal, idiotic insipid crack thing is as annoying to anyone else as it is to me. Like, I can just hear Cindy from Ohio chortling over her crack bacon or her crack casserole like she’s just the funniest grandma in the world as her 75 grandchildren look on at xmas, impervious to nana’s newfound funny word.

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