Oh Ronda, my Ronda

amazing things to see in Ronda

Looking for the most picturesque views imagineable mixed with a low-key atmosphere? Head over to Ronda, Spain. This little town is everything an explorer (who also needs a little relaxation) would want.

The Square

An adorable little square set in the busiest and most touristy part of Ronda. It’s a great place to sit and people watch. It’s also easily missable, and when you’re googling what to do in Ronda, you’ll realize you had already walked past here.

Gorgeous Ronda Spain

The New Bridge

And by new, they mean 18th century. So, you know, it’s basically a millennial. This bridge is more photogenic than a Kardashian and fun to explore! Although, there’s not much to explore. Excited to run around an old bridge, I paid the 2.50€ per person and scampered on down the stone steps only to be stopped by metal fences. Disappointed, I sat on the old rocks, looking out into the mountains and the water below and decided it was still pretty damn cool.
We walked down and around to see the whole bridge, which I definitely recommend! You can hike the whole thing (if you like long walks and hills) or you can drive right down or, if you’re like us, you can drive halfway and walk the rest because the road ends up feeling like private property.

Plaza de Toros

This is either the oldest bull fighting ring, or the second oldest, depending on who you ask. Regardless, it’s the biggest and looks gorgeous. Except when you realize that bull fighting, real bull fighting, still takes place. A cool place to see, but not to endorse. I honestly wish I knew bullfighting still existed; I wouldn’t have toured the ring and museum if I knew actual bullfighting was a STILL a thing (I naively thought it would be ceremonial with no actual death to an animal for no other reason than entertainment). You can see where the animals are kept in a small room with a heavy gated door. There are marks from the Bulls horns where they have tried to escape.

Eat eat eat

There are so many amazing restaurants in Ronda. While I ate my body weight in delicious food, my favourite restaurant ended up being restaurante Las maravillas. Absolutely delicious food and such a cute and chic atmosphere. Think hipster chic without the pretentiousness.

Why you should go to Ronda

Get out of Ronda

We never got to do it because of the weather and bad scheduling, but there are two great places to go outside of Ronda:

Pileta Paleolithic Cave Paintings in Benaojan

Yep, mother fucking cave paintings for you to explore! This is something I was so excited to see (it’s why we ended up going to Ronda in the first place), but I never heard back from the local tour company. And, with all my wedding shenangins, I kept forgetting until we got to Spain! Go, and make me jealous!

Cueva del Gato in Benaojan

Honestly, Benaojan is bumping. We didn’t end up heading here due to it being 6 degrees out. Not the best time for a swim in a cave and not naturally heated water. If you’re in Ronda during the warmer months, drive out (or hike) to the river and jump on in!

Visiting Ronda Spain | Luxuriously Thrifty

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