How to Pack for your Honeymoon

How to pack for your Honeymoon

Ah, the honeymoon. Is there any other trip that’s more iconic? When people think of a honeymoon, often they think of a hot, sandy beach and two lovers walking hand-in-hand after having insane amounts of sex. Which….can be true for a lot of people. But, there are lots who are looking for a different type of vacation away from the resorts and same-old cookie-cutter vibes; these people look forward to heading out for their first adventure as married folk. Not sure where you fall? Read my Honeymoon Guide here. Regardless of where you’re going for your honeymoon, there are essentials you must pack.

The Lingerie
I’m not big on lingerie, mostly because I choose to spend my money on shoes. But, this is a time in life where you want to spend the money on lingerie, even if it’s not your go-to. Why? Because it’s fun and nothing says honeymoon like wearing sultry lingerie the entire time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be buying full lace jump suits to feel sexy, just sprucing up your bra and undies can really make you feel a whole lot better!
And that brings us to….
Seriously, guys. Unless you’re wanting to pump out the babies ASAP, don’t forget to pack some protection. It’s your honeymoon, you’re obviously going to be having The Sex. Even if you’re on one of those adventure honeymoons, chances are you’re going to jump each other’s bones a time or two. And, most likely, it will be spontaneous. So, keep them on you at all times!

How to pack for your Honeymoon
His and Her Errything
I like to travel with things solely for the pictures that they enhance (it also makes you feel more at home). This can also include any His and Her mugs or what-have-yous to use in the mornings or in the evenings for some cute newly married photos to enjoy now and years from now. Don’t worry about seeming cheesy about anything on your honeymoon: this is your time to basic it up. Picture of our new rings in the Sahara Desert? Check.

Something a Little Fancy
Chances are, wherever you are, you’ll have a romantic dinner at least one of the nights. For some, that means 5-star restaurants and dressed to the nines, while for others it just means candlelight and snuggling. Whichever scenario is yours, you’ll most likely want to dress up a little. Don’t forget to pack something that is cause for celebration.

Something for You to Do
Okay, so you’re on you’re honeymoon and you can’t get enough of one another. Except…it would be really nice to just sit and read for a few hours by yourself. Taking some time to yourself doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed – everyone needs time to themselves, even if it’s only a couple of hours a day, especially after being with only one person for 3 straight weeks. So don’t forget to pack that must-read book, magazines, or whatever you use to relax while away.

Something for you Both to Do
Airports can suck. Lay-overs and delays can suck more. Pack a little something for you guys to do while waiting in airports or for a cute night in, like a deck of cards or small easy-to-pack game. She may not be my wife, but I had tons of fun playing Dutch Blitz with my friend as we waited for hours in the Toronto airport. Having a romantic night in with some cards that will, most likely, lead to sex sounds like a wonderful way to spend a vacation.

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