FabFitFun Fall Box Review

FabFitFun Fall Box Review

*cat not included

Yep, it’s fall (sorta) and my FabFitfun box arrived last week! I excitedly opened it to reveal all the goodies inside. I love all FabFitFun boxes, save for the too-hyped-up PinterestBox in the summer months and I’ve yet to hate an entire box. I haven’t been able to use absolutely everything just yet, but here’s my review and initial reactions:

touch in SOL Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo
Super cute, but a bit too metallic-y and shimmer-y for me. I probably won’t wear very often, but I’m always excited to get lip sticks, crayons, and glosses from FabFitFun because I get to try new things I would never have spent money on myself.

GlamGlow BubbleSheet Oxyegnating Deep Cleanse Mask
I mean, it’s just a cleanser in the form of a face mask. The gimmick is that it bubbles and is something different, but my face didn’t feel that great, smooth, or amazing afterwards. I’d rather just stick with my cleanser and get on with my day. Besides, extra packaging for a cleanser? Not needed in today’s climate.

Alfred French Press Coffee Brewer
Ah. Door. Ah. Bull.
I was pretty excited to receive this as an item because I most likely would never have bought one of these for myself. I can’t wait to make myself some thick-ass hot chocolate and some fancier-than-keurig coffees.

Simply Whimsical Tea Towels
Okay, so people are hating on tea towels in this box. But, I LOOOOOOVE tea towels. Honestly, half my registry is basically tea towels (not quite, but pretty much). I just wish they were more quirky and whimsical and less plain ol’ jane, especially since the name is literally ‘simply whimsical’…I think the company went a little too simply with these designs.

Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant
Like the L’Occitane stuff that I huff whenever I go to TenSpa at the Fort Garry Hotel. I feel fancy, I feel clean, I feel happily smooth. I couldn’t stop touching my face after exfoliating even though I know that’s a huge no-no. It just felt so wonderful!

CYLO COBRA Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
I was pretty excited to get these as I needed to buy a new pair for my trip. They’re bluetooth, though, so I’m not sure how they will work on the plane.

CrownBrush 6 Piece Set
I was pretty damn excited for these. I had been wanting to buy a whole slew of make-up brushes for a while. I got a good one for bronzer for Christmas, but I wanted that roll-it-out painter’s palette type of brush set, you know? This small one is perfect for what I need….I honestly probably won’t use all of them, but it’s great to know I can!

I have never bought a real beautyblender before so this is pretty neat. I don’t really use foundation, just bb or cc cream; however, the most recent cc cream I bought (IT – highly recommend) gives a thicker coverage than the bb cream and a beauty blender works really well! Plus, I got it in pink so I’m happy!

SKIN&CO Roma Blue in Capri Shower Gel
I’m not usually into shower gels as I like to use bar soap instead, but this stuff smells really good. A high quality shower gel every so often makes me feel like a rich princess (weird, I know) so I was pleased to find it in the box. I also recently used it as a lovely bubble creator for my bath.

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