Things I’m Absolutely Loving in the Month of September

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The leaves are just starting to turn golden yellow, the air feels more crisp, and the days are getting shorter: fall is here! Which, for me, is time for some goal planning and fresh notebooks. Even though I haven’t been in school for some time now, the start of a new school year feels more goal-oriented and start-worthy than New Years Eve does. A lot of this month is dedicated to all things planning, be it goals, the blog, or my wedding! Which means a lot of sitting around thinking about nothing and everything.


I bought this adorable planner a few months ago and am loving how organized it’s keeping all of my blog post schedules and my future goals. I bought it in 5 years because I liked the cover, and because I won’t have to buy another notebook for a few years. I can write down future thoughts for next year, or three years from now, and vision it more clearly with it written in the calendar of that year.

Saving the Planet

I’ve been trying to cut down on my single use waste and I never truly noticed how much of it I use near-daily! Produce bags I never really thought about until recently and I’m going to give these guys an order and try them out.








It’s fall. Which means it’s time for some cute coats and cozying up in sweaters. It’s pink, it’s a trench, it’s reasonably priced, what more do you need?

It’s finally time to put away the capri yoga pants and bust out the full-length ones. When I’m not at work or going out, I live in yoga wear because, let’s face it, real pants are the worst.


I read this book on an off chance after spending the obligatory and blissful 2 hours in Chapters with a Starbucks in my hand. My go-to memoirs or biographies are either political or rock star status, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when picking this book up. Luckily, it’s everything you need it to be in and then some. Wonderfully written, beautifully chic, this novel about Coco Chanel got me hooked.

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