My Top Picks from JustFab’s End of Season Sale

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There’s nothing I love more than a sale…finding that perfect piece for bargain prices? Yes, please. For most, searching through racks (or pages) of semi-nice goodies gives people a headache. For me? I’d head over to Marshall’s if I needed to clear my mind and de-stress. JustFab always has amazing sales at the end of the season and I stock up on things I need…or don’t really need.

Like these gorgeous heels, except in black. In the end, they ended up getting the boot from the cart because cuts needed to be made.

I never picked this up and only saw if after I hit order, and I wish it was in my cart!

I cannot wait for cooler weather so I can wear this super chic and adorable coat. $5.95? How can you even go wrong?!

Two years in Paris, I started wearing cute sneakers with dresses for touring around town and even pairing some chic pink ked knock-offs with a white lace dress for a night on the town in Amsterdam. What’s the point of this story besides city-dropping my travels? Sneakers are the bomb-diggity. Everyone is getting on board and they’re cuter than ever, so obviously these made their way into my shopping cart.

I love moccasins in the fall and can’t get enough of loafers. I’ve been drawn to jewelry tones as of late and these made my heart skip a beat. When I read someone’s complaint about the shoe feeling more like a slipper without a full bottom, that cinched it for me and I decided to keep these beauties and give them a forever home.

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