The Things I’m Absolutely Loving in the Month of August

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It’s August! Which means it’s nearly harvest time and the days of summer go by in a blur. It also means it’s time for my round-up of things I’m loving:

Method Laundry Detergent

Or, really, any Method product. I love all of their stuff and use it nearly exclusively. Their laundry detergent smells amazing, and there are so many wonderful scents to choose from, gets the clothes clean, and smells even better after being dried on a clothesline.

All Linda Lael Miller Books

I started off my obsession with ‘old-timey’ western romances like this and now I just buy whatever she puts out next. The last crop of novels have had a more modern setting (although ‘pantsuit’ is used far too often), and any of her books are perfect for curling up on the deck or laying out on the beach.

Citronella Oil

It’s summer. Which means bugs. Which means it’s time to make some citronella candles! If you plan on making more than one, you’ll need a big bottle and this guy does the trick and smells amazing. Not sure of a recipe? Check out my super strong citronella candles here. Don’t forget to read the label and directions when it comes to essential oils! Although natural, natural things can cause harm if too much is used or used improperly!

Pearl Slides

These absolutely fabulous shoes! I ordered these on a fun whim from JustFab and They’re so comfy, look amazing, and the heel is a string of pearls. Anyone who knows me, knows my weakness is pearls.

Fun Yoga Pants

And, really, just any yoga pants in general. I live in yoga capri pants or shorts all summer long, especially when working in the garden. I honestly love Fabletics yoga pants so much; they fit me perfect (nearly) every time and are affordable. While I had never owned a pair of Lulus before (I’m sorry, I haven’t!), these yoga pants kick expensive brands butts!

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