Things I’m Absolutely Loving in the Month of July

Thanks to liu yunyi for making this photo available freely on @unsplash

This is a new monthly post that I’ll be putting out filled with things that I love and use – nearly – on the daily! The start of July feels like a fresh year for me (more on that later), and I thought it fitting to kick this new post off this week!

Seriously, guys. I may have moved over from this nightly ritual to my dandelion salve, but I still love using this rich serum from time to time. Or, splurging on the masks.

I love, love, love this BB cream. I use it everyday if I’m leaving the house. I don’t have to wear foundation or anything – it smoothes out my whole face and provides amazing coverage. Plus, it doesn’t feel heavy!

Yes, more skincare. I love my skincare and have tried so many different scrubs, exfoliators, masks, lotions, and cleansers. I usually only end up using a particular product for one or two replenishes, onto the next. But this stuff is amazing! I got it in a Fabfitfun box and have looooved it, re-ordering when needed. It makes my skin feel so soft, making it a staple in my weekly routine.

I immediately bought this book after the author was featured on Bill Nye Saves the World (Sara Benincasa, your shameless plug worked!) And, I fell in love with it. It’s hilarious, real and heart-warming. She totally digs in deep, and if you’ve any wish to live off of your creativity, you’ll relate. Don’t worry, even if you’re not the creative sort, you’ll still find this book hilariously entertaining.

Our dependence on straws for decadence is getting out of hand. By now, everyone’s seen that photo of an adorable little seahorse holding onto a plastic cotton swab. Gross. A lot of places have started to ban straws and the no-straw movement (for those who don’t need to use one for medical reasons) is already well underway. I love a straw for a drink every so often and I depend on them when I’ve a killer migraine and can barely lift my head. These bad boys cost next to nothing, are reusable, and come with a little carrying case. I now have some at home and keep two (both a bent and straight straw) in my purse!

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