How to Have a Garden and Still Enjoy the Summer

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Gardening can be relaxing, a great stress-reliever, and a perfect way to get yourself out into nature. Gardening can also be beyond stressful and time-consuming. If you’ve a small garden, chances are you won’t be feeling too stressed with your feet up, enjoying a glass of Iced Tea (or adult bevvy) while you stare into the wonderous green of your garden. But, if you’ve a garden meant to feed your entire family from summer until spring (or somewhere in between)….well, thinking of taking off for a week – or two – during those summer months might make you feel a little guilty and a lot stressed.

How to Have a garden and still enjoy summer!

Luckily, if you plan accordingly, these three things will help you keep that garden fresh and your mind and body relaxed:
do a little bit every day
Planting, weeding, watering, whatever it is that needs to be done, you can do every day. By taking on little tasks, you end up less stressed with more time to enjoy the summer months. Like, tanning on your deck, or drinking margaritas on a patio until the sun goes down.
make sure everything is in order
If you’re heading out for a few days and don’t want your lovingly planted veggies and flowers to die on you, just make sure you have everything in order before you leave. That means making sure you’ve got every single weed you could find pulled out, you’ve given your plants any fertilizer needed, and have thoroughly watered them (unless nature is helping you out with that one…but I never trust nature. She’s a fickle lady). Making sure it’s all in order before you leave for vacation will ensure you actually HAVE a vacation. There’s so much to worry about; you don’t need to add your garden to the mix.

Easy peasey gardening tools:

install automatic sprinklers

And, if that isn’t possible for you (Because, expensive), hire a neighbour kid to give your garden a water while away. Or, suggest to another family that you’ll take care of their garden while they’re vacationing if they take care of yours while you’re away! The weeds you can deal with when back home, but the water is something you can’t control away from home (unless you get This bad boy installed).


2 thoughts on “How to Have a Garden and Still Enjoy the Summer

  1. Also, harvest everything that you can possibly harvest even if it is small, because it will be past using when you return. Removing the produce also puts less stress on the plants while you’re away, and possibly the watering is not as timely as usual. I always dread coming home from vacation because even well-intentioned “waterers” miss some things, or over or under water others. But, it’s the price I pay for going away, and I can always plant more!

    1. Yes! It’s so disappointing coming home to veggies that were left too long and can’t be salvage…or eaten by something! …Although that last one happens even when I’m home haha!

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