How to Make Citronella Candles From Used Candles!

How to make citronella candles from used candles

I love candles. But, I hate how expensive they are, especially as they’re so easy to make! Plus, when you’re making your own candles, you can play around with scents and get exactly what you’re looking for.
Probably one of the most cost-effective ways of making candles is to simply make new candles from old ones. I’ve so many candles that have melted into a waxy mess or jars with the a thin layer of wax that won’t melt. Instead of throwing them out, cursing them as they fall into the garbage, I hoard them all into my closet and melt them into a new candle when the mood strikes! (and when I’ve enough).
In the spring, I like to make citronella candles for the deck and pond so that I can actually spend some time outside. Mosquitoes are killer here and even with all the marigolds and lemon grass I try to plant every year, we still get tons. So, here’s my recipe for some intense citronella candles.
– old candles
– new wax
– citronella essential oil
– tea tree oil
– wicks
– mason jar or vessel for your candle ….make sure the container of choice can handle the high heat of burning candles and won’t crack or break!
– saucepan or pot
– stir sticks

How to make citronella candles from used candles

Either buy from a thrift store, or designate a pan specifically for crafting purposes. Place your old candles into the saucepan and let melt. Remove the old wick, any stickers, and soot that you can from the pan. Add in beeswax or soy to the mix and melt. You can also make these candles solely from old candles, but unless you have a closet full of them, you’ll only end up making one candle.
Once fully melted, turn the heat down and ready your jars for the wax. Make sure that your wax isn’t piping hot as it will burn off all of your essential oils later. The wax must be warm enough to stay in a liquid form, but not so hot it’s steaming.
Pour your wax into the jar, filling to just about the top. Your wax will begin to congeal as soon as it hits the cooler jar, but it will not solidify right away, so don’t panic.

How to make citronella candles from used candles

Once all jars are filled, add in your essential oils. Now, I go a bit crazy with the citronella because I’d rather have a few VERY STRONG candles than a bunch of okay candles. We’re not doing drops here, I add in about 15ml of citronella oil to EACH candle.
If you’re making from old candles, don’t worry about the old scent coming through. With 15 ml of citronella to each candle, you won’t be smelling much of anything else.
Stir with your stir sticks.
Add in about 5 drops of tea tree oil to each candle.
Once the bottom of the jar starts to solidify, place your wicks in and hold in place with your stir stick. If the wick is much too long, simply wind around the stick or let it hang over the edge.
Wait for the candle to fully turn into a solid.

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