Why you Should Take your Skincare Seriously on Travels

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Skincare is a hot topic nowadays with everyone jumping on board new trends and taking better care of their skin than they ever have. There is tons of research and new information out there for anyone who is looking to clear up a pimple, reduce the look of pores, or stave off wrinkles. Combine that with all of the make-up YouTube videos out there and a girl can end up looking like she just spent hours in a make-up chair.
But, even with all of the information out there, people still seem to lean towards the convenient when traveling. And, why wouldn’t you? You’re on vacation; why would you want to spend time with your 5 (or even 10)-step routine? Here’s why you should:
Stressors like flight changes, connecting flights, language barriers, and of course, a new city can wreak havoc on your skin. You now how your skin looks when you’re feeling stressed? Yeah, that’s how it’ll be during your trip.
Drying Air. I’m looking at you, airplanes. The air in airplanes is stagnant. I’ve never heard anyone talk about the good quality airflow on a flight. No one wants to get off a flight and have flaky skin. Never mind the look of your skin, the uncomfortable factor should be enough.
Different Air Quality while my skin tends to clear up whenever I’m in Europe, it doesn’t necessarily happen like that for everyone. And, definitely doesn’t happen like that in every place you’ll visit. Different atmosphere changes can end up changing what your skin looks, and feels like. So, stick to your normal routine, and even add in some extra moisturizing – or deep-cleaning – masks.
Those throw-away towelettes aren’t doing you (or the environment) any favours. Stick to your regular routine, and add in a couple extras that will give your skin a boost.
So, what should you pack? Here’s the top 5 carry-on items that I always bring. But, a few extras are always a good idea. Here’s what I bring:
Estee Lauder – ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR 30 ml serum Estee Lauder Night Serum (my favourite serum that makes my skin glow)
Sephora eye and face masks (used both on the plane and for quiet nights, recharging)
Vichy Spray (honestly, my favourite go-to for everything)
Avene hydrating sunscreen lotion spf 50+ face & body 5.07fl oz A good SPF (When it says 23 in Cannes and you go to the beach WITHOUT sunscreen, expect to get burnt. Save that stupidity for a night out and slather on the sunscreen. Ilike Avene – it’s not greasy and absorbs quickly!)
A good moisturizer with SPF (if you don’t have one, already. I like the Estee Lauder day lotion one with SPF 50. It’s my summertime go-to for sun-care).

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