Done Right Traveling Joins Luxuriously Thrifty

New Travel Section on Luxuriously Thrifty!

So, some of you may have already noticed a few things different about Luxuriously Thrifty. It’s gained a new section!

I’ve closed out Done Right Traveling and have brought those great tips, tricks, and where to go’s (and I’d course my rantings and musings) over to Luxuriously Thrifty. Because a Luxuriously Thrifty kinda gal is one who can travel the world on a dime and still look good. Okay, maybe not a dime, but definitely not tens of thousands of dollars.

This also means that not only will you get travel content found here, but Instagram and Pinterest will be flooded with a bit more travel content than before!

Done Right Traveling was my foray into the blogging world and it makes me a little teary eyed to see it go, but it’s not far away! I hope you enjoy!

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