How to Meditate in the Airport Without Looking Like a Crazy Hippie

How to Meditate in the Airport
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Traveling can be stressful. That we all know. Keeping your sanity can be hard (although I’ve carved out a few tips here), especially because you’re in public. An excellent way to keep your sanity and refresh your mind? Meditate. Something you don’t want to do in front of hundreds of people? Meditate. How do you do so without looking like a big basic bitch hippie? Luckily, there are many different types of meditation and you can easily get in a session, or two, while waiting for your connecting flight. All you have to do is focus in on an object and zone in on your breathing:

Find an object in the airport that you can easily concentrate on for a while. That means no moving objects – especially people! Don’t be that creep. I like finding the chairs by the windows and looking out to the planes, focusing on one or at the landscape just behind.

Keep your eyes on whatever object you have found and breathe in slowly through your nose, counting slowly to five.

Pause for a moment.
Breathe out, through your nose, counting to five.
Keep repeating this breathing technique, speeding up or slowing down the count to suit your comfort, focusing your attention on the object in front of you.
Et voila! You are meditating.
And, by doing a focus type of meditation, you won’t look like a big crazy hippie, sitting cross legged on the floor with your mala beads and oils, quietly chanting to yourself.
Instead, you look like anyone else in the airport just looking for a new view rather than the ugly carpet in front of them.
Pro Tip: This can also be done while in-flight!

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