Spring cleaning checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Guys, it’s happened! Spring has finally arrived! I was so excited by the warm temperatures that I immediately went out to buy jiffy pots, soil, new chairs, and more planters that I definitely didn’t truly need. I spent all day Sunday (the day it suddenly turned nice) outside, walking about my yard and finding long lost items like my mini pruning shears and a Christmas bow that blew off in one of the windy storms we had. Now that you can actually go outside without freezing your butt off, I’m looking towards a cleaning overhaul (literally just bought some Norwex mopping pads to really get ‘er clean) both inside and out. While you can see what you should be doing outside here, this checklist will keep your inside looking and feeling spiffy, as well:

Swap out the pillows.
I love seasonal pillows and I had been keeping the fur ones on the couch longer than anticipated due to the cold weather. Now, the spring and summer pillows are out, febrezed and the old covers are being thrown in the wash and the pillows themselves febrezed.
Spring Cleaning Checklist | Luxuriously Thrifty
Clean the Couch
If you’re like me, you most likely live under blankets on the couch in the winter months (and, honestly, in the too hot or rainy summer ones) and your couch is covered in crumbs and spills and who-knows-what. Vacuum that sucker, replace the blankets with light-weight options and give it a good refreshing spray – once or twice.
Wash the Walls
People always tend to forget about walls. I usually forget until I see a cobweb gaining size and feel disgusted. Give those walls a nice scrub down and instantly feel the room feel brighter.

Don’t Forget the Baseboards!

Spring Cleaning Checklist | Luxuriously Thrifty

Refresh the Curtains
Throw them in the washing machine, vacuum them, febreze them, whatever your washing preference, just get that dust out of them and make those dingy grey curtains white again.

Clean UNDER the Furniture

Honestly, when I’m washing floors, I lazily ignore under tables or the couch. Every so often I’ll give it a good wash, and now is the time to wash under all those pieces of furniture you ignored for months.

Wash the Windows
That means both inside and out. Chances are they’re grimy from dust and dirt and snow storms and need a good wipe down. Learn to see out of your windows, again.

Spring Cleaning Checklist | Luxuriously Thrifty

Clean the Oven
Guys….I never clean my oven. It’s bad. I’m the worst house-wife/Martha Stewart lover ever. But, my energy and spirits are up and I’m feeling like it needs to get done. Yours probably does, too. So, let’s get in this mess together and clean them up!
Get the Ducts Cleaned/Vacuum out your Registers
A good clean system will ensure that you won’t be breathing in any disgusting dust. If you’ve no budget to get the ducts cleaned, vacuuming out the registers in every room and wiping down the return vents will do wonders.
Give Everything a Good Scrub
That means the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the floors, the laundry room, the kitchen, everything. It’s nice to do a total clean and hit every room in the house, cleaning it as a professional would. And, if you’ve had enough of the cleaning…..

Splurge and Hire a Cleaner! They know what to do and will get the job done.

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