Earth Friendly Packing Must-Haves

Budget and Earth-Friendly Packing Must-Haves

Earth Friendly Packing Must-Haves

With Earth Day just around the corner, it seemed like a good time as any to make a green travel packing list that will make the planet, and your life, happier. As a self-proclaimed Tree Hugger (and an actual person who has hugged trees), I like all things green and clean. Wouldn’t you? Trees offer us life – literally. They also calm our nervous system and do wonders for a stressed mind. So, here’s a list of must-haves for traveling that are both ingenious AND good for the planet

Ladies, if you haven’t switched over from regular tampons and pads to Thinx underwear, I don’t know what you’re doing. While they’re not necessarily going to rid you of everything (some days you need more than just a pair of underwear), they definitely take tons of garbage out of the world. They’re comfy, money saving (in the long run. in the short run they’re pretty damn expensive), and actually work! Perfect for long flights or on hiking trips so you don’t have to worry about suddenly leaking all over the damn place.
Water Bottle
I’ll have to admit, I don’t always bring a water bottle with me on trips. I should, I really really should as I always end up buying tons of bottles of water in the airport (and Starbucks. All the Starbucks) and the plastic and money lost is too much to think about. Plus, this water bottle is beyond cute and would look oh-so-adorable in your carry-on Start the day off with some juice in the bottle, chugging that bad boy before you hit security of course, and continue on with water as you go. Take that, $8 bottles of ‘freshly squeezed’ juice.
Metal Straws
I love a straw. While I’m not one of those psychos who drinks their coffee with a straw, I love to have one when drinking any kind of beverage. But…the build-up of plastic straws is something we can do without. Pack some metal straws with you and ditch the plastic ones when ordering any drinks.
Shampoo Bars
Not only do shampoo bars save space, they cut down on tons of plastic waste and are made with planet-friendly materials. The Lush bars leave my hair feeling oh so soft and clean and can last for months! Space saver, money saver, Earth saver.
Your Own Toiletries
While I usually end up taking all of the toiletries in the hotel (as soon as I open that door into my hotel room, I suddenly turn into a klepto), bringing your own toiletries with you is a much smarter choice. Larger bottles will keep you going through your entire trip, making sure you won’t run out. It’ll help reduced the need for waste and won’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight. I even like to buy fancy bar soap from a local market, if applicable. It’s a practical buy that feels like a luxurious splurge.

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