How to Style a Bar Cart

Having a functional bar cart requires some items to make it, well, functional, but it’s also fun to jazz it up a bit. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy extra items, buy items that are useful with a shot of whimsy!

how to style a bar cart

Decanters are the classiest way to keep your liquor stored and were originally found on bar carts when high-powered men had them in every office. I have three on mine and I make it a focal point. If you don’t have enough booze to fill the decanters, you can leave empty and let the cut glass do all the talking, or you can fill them with beads for a super cute look!
Leave out your favourite glasses. Right now, I’m still using our Bride and Groom stemless wine glasses because newlyweds, yay! But, I’ll be switching them out for two adorably purple champagne flutes that just makes the whole cart more appealing. Instead of keeping them in a cupboard or on the shelf, display them for all to see.
how to style your bar cart
It doesn’t eve have to be real. This large-ass stir stick? A wicked Bridal Shower gift that looks like a twig. Anthropologie has ’em, so you can nature up your own cart. Adding a bit of nature, whether it’s wooden coasters, plants, or a bouquet of flowers, calms the room and puts you on point with Instagram and Pinterest interiors right now. A trend that I hope turns out to be a lifestyle change instead of just trendy pieces.
Other useful items: a serving tray, ice bucket, wine bottle opener, corks, extra glasses, towel.
I know, I know, this is a hot topic. And, believe me, I’m not advocating the use of plastic straws. But, people love straws in cocktails. It’s hard to break out of that habit, and if a totally strawless home is something you’re doing, that’s great! Me? I’m going the more eco-friendly route. Paper straws (in pinks and golds!) and re-useable straws are happily bunched together in a big ol’ glass, ready for people to plunk into their drinks.
How to Decorate a Bar Cart
Bottle Openers
Since bar carts are small, your decor options are limited. Unless you’re aiming for decor instead of functionality, your decor is going to end up being useful. Which is the best kind of decor, anyways. My bottle opener is a fake gold antler, which looks chic and rustic on my bar cart, matching with the vice throughout my home. Decide if your bar cart will match your home decor or be wildly different and buy accordingly!
how to decorate your bar cart
I have a painting (obviously a print) of Chanel over my bar cart that adds to the atmosphere. Hanging art above your bar cart, or putting a cute saying – I’m partial to Pop, Fizz, Clink – inside of a gilded picture frame right on the cart itself can jazz up the whole serving station.


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