Easy to make home-made chicken noodle soup!

Home-Made Chicken Noodle Soup

There’s something so comforting about chicken noodle soup, especially when it’s home-made. It’s warm, it’s tasty, it’s easy to make and is the perfect ‘leftover special’ when you’ve cooked a whole chicken. Home-made chicken noodle soup reminds you of being in a grandma’s kitchen and only seems harder to make than it really is. If you’ve 25 minutes and basic kitchen ingredients, you can make home-made chicken noodle soup:

Bring 8 cups of water to a boil (or use a two cartons of chicken broth).
Add two cubes of chicken stock to boiling water, dissolve.
Chop 4-5 carrots, add to pot.
Cut chicken up into cubes/bite-sized pieces and add (any amount desired. Lots of chicken leftover? Have a hearty soup!).
Add salt and pepper to taste, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes (I love to use lemon salt to an added kick).
Add your noodles, cook for 5 minutes (again, any amount desired. If you’re feeding those who love the noodles and hate the rest, then throw the whole box in there!).
Add in 5 bunches of green onions and a handful of fresh parsley.
Simmer on low for 3-5 minutes.


Easy to make home-made chicken noodle soup!
Careful! You can see the steam coming off the soup! Delicious, but mighty hot!

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