Restaurant-Style Hashbrowns

Recipe Sunday!

Every so often, I’ll buy a bag of already cubed hash-browns just for convenience sake, but my favourite hash-browns are the ones that I make myself that cost even less and taste way better. I think I could live off of just potatoes for the rest of my life; there are so many simple ways to enjoy them, like quick hash-browns.
They’re easy to make, take just minutes and are a real crowd-pleaser:

– 2 potatoes per person (because everyone loves hash-browns and they go quick – I whip up about 3-4 potatoes for myself)
– salt
– pepper
– vegetable seasoning
– oil

Start by heating up a tablespoon of oil per 4 potatoes in a pan on medium-high heat. Skin your potatoes and cut into small-medium cubes. Add to the pan and brown. There should be enough oil that allows for a crispy texture and stops them from sticking to the pan. Too much oil and it’s basically a french fry.
Once a golden brown colour, lower to low-medium, stirring to keep from burning. Add in salt, pepper, and vegetable seasoning to taste. When they’re golden brown all over and softer to the touch, they’re ready to enjoy!
Serve hot.

Spice them up: I like to use taco seasoning when in the mood to make taco-inspired hash-browns and load them up with sour cream and green onions.


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