Packing for a Yoga Festival

How to pack for a yoga festival

Packing for a yoga festival is the most fun I ever have packing for any trip; there are just so many cute accessories to bring along and everything looks Instagram-worthy. For this festival, I’m staying in a hotel (Hotel Fort Garry for some extra luxury), so there was no need to pack camping equipment like the last time I  headed off to a Prairie Love Festival. But, there was a need to pack comfier items.

Scarf: This was something I packed when the weather was warmer and the sun was hotter, but I’ve switched a cool knit scarf for a fuzzy and warm one that can act as a blanket and a pillow during practices.

Yoga Mat: Obviously.

Backpack: Easiest way to carry around all my stuff needed for the festival and any goodies I might happen along the way. How to pack for a yoga festival

Salve: I love using this tree infused rub (get it here) before I go to bed at night as it relaxes me into a happy and dreamy state. This is also perfect to put on right before a meditation or yin practice to get you to that calm and inner mindset.

Notebook: PrairieLove is where I had an awakening and made changes in the following months, leading me to a place of happiness. I owe a lot of that to journaling whatever I was feeling right after a practice and letting my inner voice guide me to my true path. I know, a little granola-y. This is a guide to packing for a yoga festival, after all.

Water Bottle: Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day! There’s nothing worse than planking to the death and being hella thirsty. Keep it on you (like in your trusty backpack!) and refill as you go.

How to pack for a yoga festival Miscellaneous Helpfuls: Lots of people like to bring snuggly socks for a winter festival – I am not one of them. I run hot and like to keep my feet bare, even in Savasana. Which brings me to…layers! Layer up as the temperature inside a Winnipeg building varies even greater in the winter than the temperature outside. Bring any props that you like to use, but remember that you have to lug them around the entire time.  Lip balm is a must in both cold and warm seasons.
Don’t forget your money for lunch or goodies that you can find at vendors!

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