How to Cozy up a Space

It’s winter. It’s freezing. Christmas has come and gone and you’re staring down the barrel of a snow storm just waiting for spring to come. If you also reside in Canada (or the upper most part of the States aka Lower Canada), you know that spring is a looonng ways off. Maybe you’ll catch a quick glimpse of it as the snow begins to melt, but don’t worry, Mother Nature will bring you a whole other bought of snow in a form of a nice April blizzard. Beautiful.

Keeping warm and cozy in winter can start to feel a bit…done after a month or two. You’re excited for the scarves, the sweaters, and of course, the Starbucks, but unless you build a comfy cozy home with luxe-feeling décor, you’re going to get annoyed.

Throw Blankets
Duh. Who doesn’t want to curl up on the couch with a nice, big, comfy throw? Go for the gold and invest money in a good blanket. Steer clear of Wal-Mart (unless you need a few quick throws to intersperse around the home or for outdoor blankets) and get the iconic blankets that make you weep when you have to put them away. I’m talking about the Bay Stripes, the faux furs, the chunky knits. Spend that extra money, hell, go into Anthropologie, and find that blanket of your dreams.

Real or fake, you do you. Who has the budget for a real fur pillow? Not me. And most likely not you, else why would you be on a blog that’s all about that Luxuriously Thrifty kind of life? Anywho, faux fur pillows, faux fur blankets, faux fur coats, get the faux fur going on. You’re going to feel like a glamorous woman sitting down with your cheap bottle of wine on a sofa that is adorned with faux fur throws, both in pillow and blanket format. I know I do.

What could be more fall and winter than some good knits? I love my over-sized black sweater, hand-made, that I affectionately call My Big Wooly. It’s comfy, it’s chic, it goes with dresses, jeans, and yoga pants. Try a knit throw pillow, blanket, comfy socks or slippers to liven up the home and yourself.


I love changing out my rugs for the season. Jute and light weaves for spring and summer, cozy and warm for the fall and winter. I had just purchased a sheepskin rug for the cabin and it feels absolutely luxurious under your feet on a chilly morning. It doesn’t have to be real fur, go with a well-made faux and feel cozy and soft.

Natural Decor

It may seem stupid, but adding a little natural touch to your decor brings in a little warmth. I’m partial to an insane amount of plants (22 just in the living room!) and pinecones. Fake snow adorns my mantel where sparkly pinecones and hockey players reside until the tulips start peaking their heads out from the ground.

Picture this: you’re on the couch in your snuggly socks, a bay striped blanket over you, while you lean back on a faux fur pillow, sipping your coffee. The candles you have everywhere are flickering affectionately, sending out a little heat and a lot of love. Get in the candle game and put them everywhere. Try not to light your house on fire.

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