How to Stick to a Yoga Routine While on Vacation: 5 Easy Ways

Find out how to stick to a yoga routine while traveling!

Sticking to any routine while on vacation can be hard; never mind sticking to a work-out routine. But, yoga is a little different. For one, you can end up with some wicked Instagram shots of you doing tree-pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, or Scorpion on some beautiful beach. Yoga also does so much more than just tone your muscles and make yoga-wear a daily occurrence. It can keep your mind from going bananas during vacation, because let’s face it: trips aren’t always comfort and relaxation, they’re often stressful. I also use yoga and meditation to help combat migraines and keep them as far away from me as possible during a trip. Which brings me to our first way to stick with a yoga routine while on vacation….

Think of it as Medicine
I used to think yoga was a nightmare, something that people only did because they couldn’t handle high-intensity work-outs. Which is funny, because once you go from beginner to intermediate to advanced (not quite there yet, but I see you Instagram-shots) yoga can turn from Shavasana-napping to hard-core ab engagement. Mostly, I use yoga as a form of relaxation and stress-relief, which you will most likely need during your time abroad (or even during a quick stay in your own country).

Start each morning with it
I’m one of those assholes who is awake the moment my eyes open in the morning. I sit up, ready to start the day, and I usually do. For those who aren’t like me, starting a yoga routine in the morning can be hard. But, if you do it right and practice morning-approved poses, it can help you gently wake up. Start with meditating in bed for 10 minutes, slowly wiggling your toes and reaching up for a full body stretch before getting out of bed and attempting anything more. If needed, start the first day off with just bed meditation and a stretch and work your way to full poses on the next days.

Make it a Priority
Just like you would at home, make your yoga routine a priority. This doesn’t mean that you should stay back in your hotel rather than go out and see the sights, but try waking up a little earlier, or taking an hour out of your day to do a short practice and center your mind.

Bring the Tools
Packing a yoga mat can be a pain in the ass and take up far too much room (where will all the shoes I plan on buying go?!), but if you bring the proper tools with you, you will barely notice it. I’m talking about a travel yoga mat; buy one and change your life. Easy to pack, light, perfect for quick yoga while on vacation. Do you usually use a strap? Pack that, too! Essential oils that help you bring your meditation process deeper? Throw them in! I’d put in anything that brings joy to your practice, stopping short of blocks, because…well, who has the room to pack yoga blocks?!

Download your favourite yoga YouTube teachers before you hit the road so as not to worry if there isn’t any wifi. My favourite? Yoga with Adrienne. She’s chipper, breaks it down for you, and isn’t into herself like a lot of other YouTube teachers out there. Use my favourite, or find your own, and sneak in a practice or two while away.

2 thoughts on “How to Stick to a Yoga Routine While on Vacation: 5 Easy Ways

  1. Totally agree with all of your suggestions! I love my travel yoga mat so much that I don’t use any other anymore and Yoga with Adriene is my all time favorite <3

    1. Thanks! They’re so handy to take along, eh? I just keep piling up new yoga mats haha. Yoga with Adrienne is pretty much the only online yoga I can do/stand! So quick and useful 😊

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