3 Easy Ways to Keep yourself from Fatigue While Traveling

How to keep fatigue at bay

The holidays have kept you running around and now that NYE has passed, you feel as if you cannot even move a muscle. I feel like I’ve been through the wringer and I bet you do, too. That’s why it felt right to start the New Year off with this little post about keeping fatigue at bay during your vacation. And, to keep in tune to the New Years’ Resolutions, this entire month will be about self-care and how to continue it while abroad. Because, well, there are times in life that no matter how hard we try, we cannot keep our eyes open.

The hustle and bustle of life finally gets to you and your body is screaming out that it needs sleep, else a crash is inevitable. Traveling, especially alone, can trigger this feeling quicker than you could ever imagine. Different time zones, the stress and exhaustion of figuring out different languages, or having to speak in one that isn’t native to you. The constant running around to see monuments and museums and everything else in between; it’s enough to drive anyone to a two-day sleep. You’ll either make it through the entire trip, running off your adrenaline and feeling that ‘travel high’, getting sick once home, or you can end up sick on your trip, crashing somewhere in the middle or end of it.

Keep yourself from Fatigue while Abroad: 3 Easy Ways

Keep a Calm Schedule
I know. I must sound like an old schoolmarm, harping on schedules all the time. But…keeping to a rigorous schedule will only work for you and your body for a few days. After that, the intensity of constantly being up late and getting an early start, mixed with walking around all day, will start to catch up. Have you ever gone out for exploring of a new city (or perhaps in your own city), walked all day, had your appropriate breakfast and lunch and once you arrived home (BEFORE 7:00 to make matters more embarrassing) all you could do was eat anything at hand and stare at the wall or a screen for the next two hours before you fell asleep in your clothes? Maybe that’s just me, but keeping to a constant schedule and trying to go see absolutely everything will wear your body down quick. Make sure that your day isn’t jam-packed with so many activities that you don’t have a moment to head back to the hotel for a quick nap or relax or to just be.

Seriously. You’re on vacation, why aren’t you relaxing? Sometimes, traveling can be more stressful than a days’ work: you’re trying to fit everything into a tiny schedule, stay on budget, and take in as much culture as you can. Your body doesn’t care about culture and museums and the like. It just wants to be nourished and taken care of. Schedule in some relaxation or down time to make your trip go smoother. It can be a later start to the day, lazily drinking your coffee and lying in bed, or a chill morning spent at a café or a park, mindfully taking in your surroundings and just…being. Whatever it is that relaxes you, do it on vacation, too! If you’re one who needs to always be doing something while relaxing, try using a colouring book like this cheeky one and give your brain some chill time. Remember: there isn’t this set rule that you cannot do the same things at home while abroad – even though a lot try to become a different person and stray from mundane tasks or comfortable things.

Remember to Eat
Traveling can get hectic and touring around a city, on a bus or alone, can cause you to forget to eat or just not have time to. It can be exciting to see everything right there in front of you, instead of on Pinterest or magazine pages, but don’t forget that you’re still a living, breathing creature. And, one that needs food. If your schedule is jam-packed (and you are ignoring tip #1) or it’s taking you somewhere that won’t give you any access to restaurants, pack yourself a snack and water. It’s a good idea to have a snack and water on you at all times (unless your entire day of touring consists of restaurants and cafés – no shame in that game!) just in case your body is craving nourishment.

Keep fatigue at bay while traveling with these 3 simple tips | Luxuriously Thrifty

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