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With the year drawing to a close, and New Years Eve just around the corner, I thought it appropriate to compile a short list of travel related best sellers. Some of these I took from either beauty, electronics, or travel accessories, from Amazon, deeming the below appropriate travel items. Although they have the same basis, and very similar traits at first glance, both and yielded very different results. To see what Canada was shopping for, click here. So, without further adieu, here are the top 10 travel-related best sellers on Amazon:

Whenever I book a long trip, I always search for accommodations that have washers. This little guy could help when my oh-so-fancy clothes gets a wrinkle or two.

A charger that helps you see in the dark? Sign me up!

Eye mask and ear plugs? A must-have for the plane or when you’re using shared accommodations.

I don’t think I stop talking about how awesome facial mist is on a plane and throughout any trip.

What else are you going to put all your stuff into, but a gorgeous weekender bag?

More luggage! This one ranked as a best seller for all you guys out there loving the hard-shell luggage.

I usually end up bringing full sized bottles of whatever I’m using because I use way too much product, but if carry-on is all you have, travel-sized everything is a must-have.

A passport holder is a must for anyone hoping not to lose the damn thing.

Apparently is all about RFID blocking. While not necessarily needed, the colour-coding on these guys can help those of you with high anxiety keep everything together.

This bad-boy looks too handy to pass up!

I used to think these things were ridiculous, but a spring-to-life towel can come in handy!


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