How to have a glamorous walk-in closet even though you're not a millionaire!

How I Made a Glamorous Walk-in Closet

No, my house isn’t 8,000 square feet; no, I’m not a millionaire. But, I do have a pretty fabulous walk-in closet that my clothes love to call home. Here are the steps that I took to make it happen:

How to have a glamorous walk-in closet even though you're not a millionaire!House Hunting: When my fiancé and I were looking for houses I was adamant that we needed a house that had at least three bedrooms and room to make a fourth. That may sound like not enough rooms for the average family/household nowadays, but we were looking for acreages and yard rather than a large home. All we needed was enough room for us, possibly kids, and guests. Oh, and my clothes. In the first house I bought, I had a walk-in closet put in, taking out a part of the living room that wasn’t even useable. On this house? I converted one of the bedrooms into my library/closet/glamour room. It’s still not fully finished, but is nearing the end of completion and looking pretty good, I must say!

Take it Slow: Unless you really are a millionaire, getting that drool-worthy walk-in closet isn’t going to happen overnight. Sure, you can throw up an organizer or two, maybe slap on some paint and you have a great closet to house all your prized possessions. But, that simply wasn’t good enough for me. I had a vision of Marie Antoinette and needed to get there, somehow, anyway. So, I painted and put up wallpaper and then came the rods and then the shelves, and so on. There are still a few pieces missing (like track lighting for my shoes), but it’s nearing completion and I’m glad I took my time.

walk-in closet decor
Add Some Flair:
Again, making an ordinary walk-in closet is something that can be done in a weekend. Making a glam room takes time to carve out your creation, much like art. I added specific wallpaper (only Graham & Brown would do), exclusive paint from Ralph Lauren with a $90 price that had my fiancé gagging at. I added a chandelier, some pictures, and kept with my theme of gilded gold glamour.

Look towards Antiques: Nowadays, our generation makes things to throw away. Years ago, things were made to last and they were made to impress.  I’ve a chair, oval mirror and small stool (that is used as storage for my every-day purse of the moment) that have made it into the works and the room feels a whole lot better with them added.

How to have a glamorous walk-in closet even though you're not a millionaire!

Keep it Classy: You’re making a walk-in closet, not a man cave. Take your cues from celebrity glam rooms/closets and mix it with the brocade and gilt-filled rooms from a palace. The result? A glamorous and classy room that is the envy of every woman in your social circle. You’ll feel like a princess stepping into it, even if it’s only to change into yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

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