Learn how a simple throw pillow can spruce up any room!

Chic Decor on a Strict Budget

I had to laugh when my friend asked me when my house got so chic and on-trend. Because everything in my house is either hand-me-down, bought on clearance, or DIY. Like a good wardrobe, it takes years to hone in on your own style and have your voice stand out in your home décor. But, with Pinterest taking over and Instagram-worthy shots making everyone drool, no one has the patience to wait to get to their perfectly styled house. If you’re the impatient sort, use these 5 tips to get your house looking Pinterest-worthy quick.

Learn how a simple throw pillow can spruce up any room!

Throw Pillows
I have so many throw pillows I don’t even tell my fiance when I buy another one. I’ve seasonal ones and fun ones and ones for downstairs and ones for my closet. Yes, I even have a throw pillow in my closet. Why? Because a throw pillow, besides being extremely comfy when watching Netflix, can spice up a room and bring it to a whole other level. The chic and on-trend my friend was talking about? A throw pillow with a deer face on it, fur pillows and a knit one on my bench.


Wood can make any room more luxurious! Find out other chic ways to decorate on a budget hereWood
Wood is timeless and it’s all over the Pinterest-world. Reclaimed wood, white-washed wood, dark-stained wood, coloured wood, it’s all there. I have pieces from a generation (or two) ago that complement the other pieces in my living room and I make sure that they are all in the same family of colour. I also have a lamp made from a birch tree, candles from birch, and a wooden coffee table IKEA hack (read how-to here) that isn’t my best work, but one of my favourites. Add some wood into your room for a modern take on rustic chic and make it last for a lifetime.

Bring nature inside with a rose gold pine cone and see your room transform
I love the colour copper. It’s such a beautiful colour that is easy to add to any room, sprucing it up. Copper isn’t as on-trend as it used to be, being seen absolutely everywhere, but it’s a warm and homey shade that will make any room feel a little more modern. You can easily turn an old side table, coffee table, or lamp into a copper work of art with a little bit of spray paint and an afternoon. Another good pairing? Rose gold.
Antiques, especially tea cups, can make any room feel classier

I love antiques. I collect teacups and anything that could easily break. There’s something about knowing that there was a life to this piece before you had it that makes you smile. Scattering around a few antiques whether they’re great-finds at a store, auction, or your Grandmother’s basement can add life to any room.

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