Beautiful French River, Ontario

Seeing Canada: French River

Seeing Canada: French River, Ontario | Luxuriously Thrifty

The Lodge at Pine Cove

There are so many articles on places to go in Canada; after all, it is the 150th birthday this year. We’re getting old and we love to celebrate. Cabins, outdoors, and beers? What’s more Canadian than that? That’s just what I experienced at The Lodge at Pine Cove, probably one of the most luxurious cabin experiences (unless we’re sitting on Lake Louise) for a decent price. The Lodge at Pine Cove is a definite must for those who enjoy relaxing outdoors while feeling pampered. What makes it even better (at least for some)? Very limited cell service, meaning you get to spend more time with yourself, nature, family, and friends.

Seeing Canada: French River | Luxuriously Thrifty

Chanel, an HBC blanket and a fire, what more does a girl need?


You can book your own cabin to share with friends, family, or a single for yourself. They’re equipped with an adorable tiny wood stove; full kitchen (with coffee, teas, creamers, sugar); bathroom (with toiletries – hand-made soaps in large format to cut down on waste); BBQ; and deck. We ended up with a screened in deck overlooking the water with an absolutely beautiful view to wake up to in the morning, just waiting for us to sit and have our morning coffee. Pro tip: Bring ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper – they’re private cabins, but they’re insulated like tents.

Things to Do:

There’s so much to do in this oasis just hours from Toronto. There’s a large fire-pit by the main lodge that you can rent (luxury: having someone else stoke the fire and tend to it once you feel too tired); kayaks and canoes available; swimming; boat rentals; hiking; fishing; or just chilling in your cabin, relaxing the weekend away. There’s also a reading nook at the front of the main lodge with tons of great tomes for you to discover, plus comfy armchairs, a pool table, and bar.

The best delivered basket of breakfast goodies with a view. French River, Ontario | Luxuriously Thrifty

When your breakfast is cuter than you


You can bring your own groceries to make your own meals in your cabin or can head up to the main lodge to grab a bite in their restaurant/lounge/bar/chill area. A basket of delicious goodies will be brought to your doorstep every morning at 8:45 for your breakfast, looking nearly too cute to even eat.  You can also order in a basket for lunches, dinners, or a charcuterie and cheese plate.


Bug spray. Legit. We ran the cool-kid cred by being from Manitoba; and therefore, the most hearty when it comes to the outdoors. But, even the heartiest get real tired of the black flies, deer flies, and mosquitoes buzzing around and biting you. From experience: if you’re canoeing out in the open lake and find a beautiful looking island that is just begging you to stop – don’t. It will be invested with black flies causing you to nearly capsize. From my humble lessons learned to your helpful hints.

Ontario weather is like to many of us just going through life, happily dazed and confused. It will be sunny and clear one moment, rainy the next, and then blistering hot, only to turn chilly. Pack accordingly and just pay that $25 for your checked luggage on the plane – your sweaty, cold, and wet self will thank you.

Seeing Canada: French River, Ontario | Luxuriously Thrifty

Gorgeous views from your private deck

If you’re not finished with your breakfast (because who doesn’t like to graze all day?), definitely put it aside into separate bowls or glasses as they come around at about 11:00am to pick up your basket.

Driving from Toronto? Don’t. I kid…but, not really. The four hour drive is long, albeit beautiful. But, it’s repetitive and very Canada: tress; rocks; water; expanse of farm land; more trees. If you’re coming from elsewhere, and if you can, fly into Sudbury and drive the short distance (an hour and a half). It’s definitely worth it, but no one needs to put up with a boring drive if they don’t have to.

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Pampered Camping in French River | Luxuriously Thrifty



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