How to Send Flowers to a Hotel Room

How to Send Flowers to a Hotel Room

How to send Flowers to a Hotel Room | Luxuriously Thrifty

There’s always been something I wanted to do when friends went away on a trip: I’ve always wanted to send something – anything! – to their hotel room. I never really had the money to send flowers or champagne or a delicious surprise; everyone would always have to make do with a text or call to congratulate them. But, last week, I finally (!) got to send someone flowers to a hotel room. And, as there is with everything in life, there’s an etiquette to sending anything to a hotel room. It may be one of the simplest things to do, but knowing whom to ask and how to ask for it can make the experience a whole lot easier. Here are two ways to do this without annoying the front desk of any establishment:

The Long Way:

It’s called the long way because you have to take more than 5 minutes out of your day to do this task, but, really, it takes no time at all. Google some flower companies and check out their prices, reviews, delivery schedules, and find the one that’s right for you. Once you have that locked down, call them (yes, the horrors of phone calls!) and explain to them what you want and where it’s going. If it’s a simple arrangement you’re after, let them know the budget you’re willing to spend and they will happily find a bouquet that fits your needs. If you want to go all out and the sky’s the limit on spending, let them know the occasion and chat with them about your friend’s favourite flower or ask what would be appropriate.

Sometimes, the add-ons can be better than the item itself. If you’re thinking about adding something on, ask what they have in-store. Some companies will have an array of chocolates, balloons, bears, jewelry, whatever to add onto a special arrangement. If it’s something specific (see: Cheetos and Peach Iced Tea), inform them of your request and they will bill you adequately. As long as it’s not something absolutely ridiculous (like going to the mall and picking out a blouse), the company will be more than happy to add it to your bill. If they’re not, don’t worry, the concierge at the hotel will be able to take care of it. Also, remember to cross that florist off your list.

Double check your invoice when it comes to you (or triple check over the phone), making sure they have the correct delivery address; the correct arrangement/price; and correct add-ons. You don’t want it going to the hotel down the street because you gave the wrong address.

Please don’t forget to call the hotel and inform that that a delivery is coming for such and such guest. Sure, they will be able to use their noggins and check the computer for any guest that the delivery name is under, but save them the time and annoyance of doing so and just give them a call. Let them know when the delivery is coming (morning/afternoon is fine. They won’t expect you to know the exact time), which guest it will be going to and when you want it delivered. For the last part you may need to be a bit flexible; if you don’t know when they’re checking in or exactly when the delivery is set to arrive, you may not make it in time. Let them know what you’d prefer and they will carry out the plan accordingly.

Still stressed about making TWO calls for one delivery? This cool, new business offers delivery in certain Canadian cities with a click of a button – all online. No talking to humans required.

The Short Way:

This way involves only one phone call, but may back-fire in certain instances where a hotel cannot accommodate. Call the hotel, speak with the concierge and have them order in flowers or specifics to the hotel and send them on up. They may be able to get a deal with a specific florist that they use for large events or occasions, saving you money, which is always a great surprise. Once ordered, they will be able to invoice you (or invoice you an agreed upon amount if there are extra charges) and will send to the room as requested.

Note: This is most likely not going to work if your friend is staying in a motel without the higher amenities of a larger hotel. A B&B will be able to accommodate, an Inn will be able to accommodate, but if your friend is paying $30/night for a side-of-the-road motel, there is a very high chance the concierge won’t be available exist to help.

How to Send Flowers to a Hotel Room | Luxuriously Thrifty







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