The Top 5 Skincare Items you Need in your Carry-on

The Top Skincare Items you Need to Pack in your Carry-On


Is there any worse feeling than after 8 hours of being in a stuffy airplane, feeeeeling your skin become greasy and yet dry at the same time? I will not board a plane without my thermal spray (even if it’s just a two-hour journey) or make-up removing wipes. I know, I sound like an absolute priss, but skincare is important! You shouldn’t let your skin suffer just because you’re changing time zones.
Pack these skincare essentials for a smoother flight – at least for your face:

Vichy Thermal Spray
Or, any other type of thermal spray that is refreshing and hydrating on long and drying flights. I spritz before take-off, after naps, before landing, and any other time I feel the need for a little pick-me-up. Bonus? If you’re heading somewhere hot you can use the spray to cool down during tours.

Make-Up Removing Wipes
You’ll need to take off all of that airport chic makeup that is now pooling under your eyes and sliding off your face. Sleeping on a plane may be uncomfortable, but you don’t have to forego your entire beauty regime just because you’re squeezed into a cramped space. These wipes aren’t just for making sure that your pores aren’t clogged for the entire flight, but to get you ready for landing. Meeting a boyfriend right off of a flight? I’ve done the full face make-up thing from inside the tiny bathroom and my seat. That means glasses off, contacts in, bb cream, foundation, bronzer, curled lashes and mascara, eyeliner and gloss. Honestly, if the look called for it, I would’ve put on fake lashes while hovering over the minuscule sink in the bathroom. Never change your routine simply because the space is uncomfortable.

Eye Masks
An eye mask is the greatest invention of all time. There are so many for your face, but for years there weren’t specifics for the delicate eye region. My favourite? The Sephora brand. They’re cheap (sorta), easy to store into carry-on pockets, and make your eyes feel amazing, even if they were puffy from traveling for 28 hours. Take a few and refresh your skin during your trip, especially if the air is something your skin is not used to. Luckily, eye masks mean you don’t have to be the adventurous type: they’re hardly noticeable once you’re snuggled in for your binge-watching or nap session.

Face Masks
Why should your routine change and your skin suffer just because you’re on a trip? Unless you’re on a wilderness vacation, there are no excuses. Just like the eye masks, these beauties can help you with in-flight dryness, hydrating your skin and keeping it soft right from take-off until landing. However, unless you’re safely in a first-class pod, you’ll most likely want to skip this tip. Instead, load up on face masks once you’ve arrived and are safely in your hotel or apartment (I love the pearl Sephora masks). Or, try a sleeping mask that goes on like lotion and absorbs right in, saving the whole cabin the frightening image of you in a sheet mask.

Face Lotion
You’ve removed, you’ve spritzed, you’ve masked, you’ve spritzed, and now it’s time to get off that stale smelling plane and onto ground. Your make-up removing wipes (or facial cloths) can get rid of any grossness that may have attached to you during the flight, paving the way for some hydrating face lotion. When feeling gritty, people tend to forget to lotion up, but by skipping this vital item you’re just drying our your skin and causing problems down the road. Bring a higher hydrating lotion for the flight to combat dryness. Not into the face masks previously mentioned? Remove excess grim from your face mid-flight with a facial cloth or wipe and slather on the lotion. Repeat as often as desired.


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